Heh folks, It has been a long time since my last blog.

Thought I might upload my latest song.

Here it is


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New Mould song.

It has been a while since my last post, but now that Rockit and I have finished latest video, I thought it time to post it.

The song is called “Don’t forget us”

As usual from previous recordings, The whole adventure for this project was to record home produced music on the cheapest equipment you can lay your hands on.

This process though, can take years to acquire. With some careful searching and spending you can have a functional setup at a very low cost. The 2 PC’S below cost a total of $100. Some might say that’s a $200 to much when someone should’ve payed me to take them off their hands. Anyway, you get my drift.

Despite their appearance, both pieces of equipment have survived the processes and rigors of our recordings so far [There is still one song to go]. Though, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, with the bottom machine in constant need of attention to keep it on the road. This is where a little bit of self taught IT repairmanship comes in handy.


This is our current setup, with the latest addition being my Washburn vintage sunburst electric guitar [cost $240], which I used for this recording. The setup for that was a direct line into my Ashton 80watt [$120]. I miked up the amp with a direct line into the bottom PC and used cool edit pro 2.1 to record and edit.


If I was to price everything together Rockit and I and spent to record this song, overall cost would be approximately $2000.

This setup won’t get you the squeaky clean sounds you hear on the radio, but it will get you the start you need to learn the process and understandings of recording music in a home studio recording environment, which in turn, will be invaluable when it comes to recording your songs in a proper recording studio.

Cheers, Have fun and Rock n roll.



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It’s been a long time between drinks as far as posts go, so I thought I might drop in our latest video Rockit and I did last week. As usual it was recorded on the very best cheap equipment. Hope you dig it. Play it loud!


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“Metal Thunder” by Mould

Hi Folks, It’s D-Structor from “Mould”. Rockit and I have rounded off the edges to our latest song “Metal Thunder“. Have a listen, make a comment and help us to grow our Band.

We still have a few more songs to record before we finish our DELPR [Digital, Electronic long play recording], so support and kind words from our listeners won’t go astray, and for the game,  a purchasable download of our music would be great. [We’re “Mould” still trying to make our first dollar]. so show your support.

As each song becomes complete, the recording processes and methods being used are  enhancing the outcomes of each song. This has been an exciting time for me personally as I’ve spent a large portion of my music life doing home recordings, and learning new ideas keeps things fresh and exciting.

As usual I do my best to video record all our recording sessions to be uploaded at a later date to the internet in our [How to] sections of our utube page for the folks who are interested in learning some ideas, to get yourself started in home recordings.

Have a great day.



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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone from “Mould”. Whatever you may be doing this Easter, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable time.


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Recording drums, simple.

Recording drums for our forth song has taken a new turn. Due to the difficulties with recording live drums by using one microphone, such as placement to capture a consistent and even sound of all the drums. It was time to upgrade to two microphones and the use of my 6 channel mixer.

With our last recorded song Galvanised, I wanted to continue with keeping our recordings of the drums simple by using one microphone. This eventually brought ahead the difficulties associated with using one microphone, [e.g. positioning the microphone to capture the snare drum but sacrificing the crash as was the case in our song Galvanised].  I did however record the crashes separately on another track and added them later in the mix.

This time round on our new song, it was time for an upgrade. I did have the equipment at my disposal, so I figured, lets see how we go with positioning two microphones, run them throw my mixer and in to the .p.c.

After some juggling around, we finally recorded a drum track that had more consistency with each part of the drum, able to be heard.

If you are a drummer looking to record as simply as possible, then I would say the one microphone option is where to begin. If you have 2 microphones and a small mixer. [My Ashton 2nd hand cost me $35] then a setup could be like this.

drum micro setup.JPG

For our first two recordings, I had positioned the microphone high and above the toms. This sacrificed the snare drum somewhat. For our 3rd song “Galvanised”, I positioned the microphone low and close to the snare drum, but that sacrificed the crash.

This I hope will solve the problems of recording live drums, but also keeping it simple and as cheap as possible.

Good luck with your recordings




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Music + Business = ?

Last week, I had just finished a final home mastering session for our song Galvanised. Everything was sounding good, and I was happy with the final result. Now it was time to take it back to Rockit’s place to let him have a listen before we upload it to the internet.

Excellent, Rockit was very happy with the final result, so now we start the process of uploading to the usual places. Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Radio Airplay. etc.
We also uploaded to our local community radio station, and also our community radio station in our Capital city of Brisbane, to see if we can get a few spins [receptively] from them as well.

That took us probably close to a full day of uploads, filling out bio’s, adding pics and all the usual stuff when uploading music to websites and sending emails.

A week later, what sort of feedback can you expect from this type of work?
Fame, fortune? or is that expecting way to much from the internet. Let’s have a look.

Well, so far, our song “Galvanised” has given us [Mould] our best results to date. A dazzling 2 extra fans from 10 spins on Radio airplay, 2 extra followers from 3 spins and 3 likes on Soundcloud.

I’m sure I can speak for Rockit as well when I say, I am wrapped with these results. In fact I am still amazed that Rockit and I can write and record a song on our home equipment, upload it to the internet and someone from another country can listen to and give us some feedback or an idea of what they think of our music.

What a great opportunity it is today to have such amazing technology at our disposal.

It may, or more than likely “may not” give us our fame or fortune, but it is giving us something I find very rewarding in itself. Personal Satisfaction.

But in saying all of that I don’t want to hide or pretend I don’t want to make some coin out of my hard work. As much as I appreciate people’s comments and responses to the work that I, and recently with Rockit have put out there on the internet, I do hold on to the notion that I have earnt the right to receive payment for my time, skills and effort that I have put into my art.

[Maybe my decision not to record in a proper studio in preference for lo-fi home recording impacts on people decisions as to whether my product is worth buying or not] If so, then I either live with that or I make the step up and spend money to improve the overall quality of our product, and in turn increase our chances of higher plays and possible payment for our investment. At this stage though, money is not my motivation. [Aaahhh, I feel better already by saying that. It takes away that pressure of money and I can happily continue with what I really enjoy, and that’s making music].

Uploading to the internet in return of fans paying for your music is a tricky business, so at this point you have to keep things in perspective and keep your priorities in line, otherwise disappointment can over take your enthusiasm to continue your passions, and the hard work that is required to finish your projects.

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