Remembering those momments that inspired you

Last weekend Rockit and myself did another 1person audience home-show. I then wrote a post about it called “live n loud in the lounge-room”.

When I went home that evening, my feeling was a bit introspective, or more to the point, what started me to pick up a guitar and play.

I can still remember the moment when I wanted to play guitar almost 30 years ago. I was watching the MTV awards back in 1987. I knew my favorite artist was headlining the show., so I got my trusty vcr [video cassette recorder] ready to record the moment he comes on stage.

1st it was the introduction from the compere, with that, I hit the record button and a few seconds later I hear his guitar. Mesmerizing sound and visual is all can say about what I saw and heard. For months I continued to play this 10 minute recording over and over and over again. I new from this video that playing music was something I had to do.

I bought my first acoustic guitar and was paid i think $4 for traveling expenses to have lessons through a government funded program. My first set of chords and song I learnt was “Are you old enough” by Dragon.

I then had some lessons from a neighbor in the caravan park where I used to live who showed me the blues, and then another friend also from the park who started me on the eagles. It was about that time I attempted to write my first song. It was for a breakfast show competition to win a electric Yamaha guitar. I didn’t win but I still have that recording.[great memories]. I then started up keyboard and theory lessons to gain a deeper understanding of music and how it works or why it can sound so bloody good.

Sometimes, it is just a great moment in time to do a bit of reflecting on those [early days moments] and what it was that inspires you to [in my case] write and play music.

Prince’s sign o the times/playing in the sunshine MTV show was one of those turning moments in my younger years. It was great to watch this video again and hope that if you have never seen this video then check it out. I regard it as one of prince’s best live performances. All subjective of course.

Feel free to share your own early days of inspiration.

Darryl/D-StructorGuitar Ready for jammin

Hi folks, my name is Darryl. By day I work as a cleaner/labourer, Currently recording a home produced LP with a friend. I have become a self taught multi instrumentalist, singer songwriter over a 25 year period. It didn't happen over night, but it did happen.

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