“Galvanised” by Mould

Rockit and I finished off yesterday Saturday 5th March 2016, our 3rd song “Galvansed” to now what we are calling our upcoming double E.P. “Jammin at the weekend”.

This was as usual, recorded on some very simple recording equipment.

I use a year 2000 P.C with an ME operating system.

One, twenty year old microphone to record drums, guitars and vocals.

To mix my tracks I use cool edit pro version 2.0



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Stepping outside the box

This weekend Rockit and I continued our journey of recording our L.P

Nothing new you may say, well that’s true, but this weekend, we are about to add something new to the melting pot [Rockit on vocals]

Rockit has not done much in the area of singing before, actually I think it’s zero, so we’re in for an interesting time on the microphone today. He [Rockit] seems all-keen to give it a go, so we’ll get him [Rockit] all set up and see how it sounds.

I think Rockit is becoming a great example for people who want to take on a dream that may of once existed when they were younger, but now sits in the background obscured with the day to day grind of life, instead of bringing to the forefront into the present day and discovering what it is they are actually capable of.

One thing is for certain, if Rockit’s gives it all he’s got on the microphone today, then one can class that as success.

Getting past our negative mind-set can be our biggest challenges in life, so fear of failure becomes one of obstacles, which can then bring on an influx of negativity.

If you find you suffer from this debilitating condition, then maybe it is time to pick up your microphone [figure of speech] and start singing.

Just remember, sometimes the best result can be the action taken [giving it a go] and not what eventually came out from your efforts.

Keep jammin

D-Structordrum and guitar pic

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Is practise a drag? or something else?

As our Band “Mould” closes in on it’s recording sessions for its 3rd song, we’ve come to a section in the song that is for me a drag. It’s not because I don’t want to do this particular part, but it’s because I know I’m not quit up to scratch with it.

Not being a drummer of any great nous, I now find myself getting ready to record the drums for our song Galvanised. I was able to work out what I wanted to play in this song, which included a certain drum roll that I’ve never been able to play since I took up drums 12 months ago.

Now I find myself in the practice routine frantically learning how to play this drum roll for the song.

On one hand, it is great to see myself learning an instrument I have been fascinated with since I was five, and now I sit at my own kit teaching myself how to play it.

But, on the other hand, I want to finish our songs for our L.P. but I know I would like more practice to get my playing up to scratch. Effectively, despite being a muso for some 30 years I find myself back at the beginning as a [Newbe muso] learning just how to play, but this in turn also makes it exciting again.

theres not muchroom in here anymore

Sometimes, keeping yourself on the edge of your abilities is a great way to keep yourself learning and challenging yourself. It would be easy to stay within the boundaries of what you can play and record that, but the doubts one get from not knowing if you’re good enough to complete the job satisfactory pushes you back into the practice room, pushing yourself to learn how to play this new instrument. [This is what I think makes you feel young]

Keep jammin


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Small stones creating a big road

Finding success in any field can be a massive task to undertake. Be it in the entertainment fields or sports or even a politician. Commitment, self belief, determination and a daily dose of putting in the hard yards are some of the building blocks towards reaching your personal goals.

Occasionally, it can be a win for yourself to have a day off from your routines when the motivation isn’t there, than to force a positive result from yourself.

A lot of little successes can build towards a much larger win and those wins can come in many different forms, be it a relaxing day in front of the TV or a trip to the park or beach. [Though, I am sure plenty may disagree with the TV thing]

I believe the biggest success you can have is excepting breaking down that huge mountain we try to climb into those tiny little steps that are required to climb every mountain.

I often hear on documentary’s of mountain climbers or people scaling great heights. [Don’t look down], but I think the other could be said when you are first starting out. [Don’t look up]?

Looking down may shake your nerves, but looking up could overwhelm the task at hand. Again this is where breaking the mountain down into small steps can overcome the enormity of the challenge.

Keep it simple, keep it achievable and keep it believable and those small stones will turn into large roads and will take you very far.







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Finishing off those old projects

Songwriters, story writers, artist in general will know where I am coming from with this story.

When you were young and you start dabbling in the artistic world and you find you have a gift for some of these skills. You may find yourself teaming up with different people to share your ideas, or to expand your own skills with what you can learn from other like-minded individuals. [As a young musician and songwriter, this is what I did]

Everything is going well and you are tapping into your inner self and finding amazing artistic abilities flowing and expanding out of avenue you take. Then after a period of time things slowly start to change and you find yourself in a different environment with different people doing different projects.

But take a look back at what you have achieved during those early times.

  1.   Did everything live up to your original expectations? Y/N
  2.   Did you finish those works you intended to finish? Y/N
  3.   Do you want to complete those unfinished projects Y/N
  4.   Is there any hope of completing those unfinished projects? Y/N

Just to fill you in on my answers. I had 2 No’s and 2 Yes’s. I do believe in having hope.

I know sometimes those old worn roads look impossible to travel on again, and It seems question 1 constantly crops up again and again. But this is where I believe having hope and self belief to achieve a great result will eventually flow to the top.

The one things that will be certain in these situations, is, everyone’s pathways are always going to be different from one persons story to the next, so how do we conquer our failures and doubts and rise ourselves over our failed expectations. It’s a good question with maybe a simple answer, [Finding a new starting point] but the road to travel to reach that starting point can be long and hazardous.

As we all get older and our lives change as new things come and go through our life time, it isn’t always easy to see where or how a new beginning should start. This is where traveling on an old worn out road can eventually wear you down, but one thing for certain is, somewhere along that old road there was a beginning when you first headed out. It just might be shrouded with a lot more obstacles now, then what was originally there. [This is where question three needs to be asked and answered again]. Maybe many times over as well.

Self belief, desire, persistence, patience, flexibility and most of all knowing what you can do and can’t do as of today is the most important thing to learn if you want to eventually finish off any of those impossible to finish projects that lay dormant in your mind or laying waste on a piece of paper.

Keep the hope.




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Recording your first track

As this is pt 2 of a 2 part post from last weeks post, I will start this post assuming you have tested out your equipment with a demo recording to see if your recording equipment and recording program [Audacity] is working and functioning correctly.

With that in mind we can now begin the first part to recording a song.

click track

A good way to begin your recording is to insert a click track into audacity. We are using 4/4 beat for this example. This will help you with your timing as you play. You could also use an external drum machine or metronome if preferred.

Once you have decided on what BPM [Beats per minute] and any other relevant information you need for your click track, it is now time to record your first track.

click track 2Once you have plugged your guitar into the computer, press record and play. A 2nd track will appear with your guitar track on it.

If you are happy with what you have recorded for your guitar track, [if not, you may have to repeat this many times until you are satisfied with your recording] then it’s time to record your vocal track.

When recording your vocals, It’s a good idea to use a set of head phones, so as not to pick up any of your guitar track through the microphone. You can also remove the click track from your multitrack recording.

Now you are ready to record your vocals. Press record and start singing. A new track will start.

Don’t forget to save your project.

click track 3You can do some basic editing in the [effects] section for your song by adding echo to your vocals or adjusting volumes.

E.g. you may of recorded a loud guitar track and the vocal track is quite, so you will need to adjust respective volume levels [effects section] to change your vocals to be a bit louder than your guitar.

click track 4Once you are finished with your new song, don’t forget to save your project and then you can export it as a wav file or mp3.

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Setting up your P.C to record a song

Recording a song at home requires a few things to start off with.

  1.  A song. [Preferably, one that is finished and ready to record]
  2.  Recording equipment [P.C, music instrument. e.g. guitar and a microphone if you want to sing ]
  3.  Time and patience.

Ok musos, are you the type of muso that likes to come up with original music and dabble in the lyric writing process and play your songs to any unsuspecting friend that walks into your house?

Then maybe its time to record some of those tunes and unleash them to the unsuspecting world and see what they think of your craft. [Does that sound cool]?

Lets start at the beginning. First of all we’ll assume you have written and can play your song from start to finish [music and lyrics], if not, then my website “ready for jammin” can help you with your songwriting processes to get your songs up and running and ready to record.

First thing we need to do is make sure our P.C. is able to record on it along with an appropriate recording program.

Usually a great beginners program is Audacity. It is a free download [it was my first recording program I used when I first started with my home recordings].

Next, you will need the proper connections from your instrument to your computer. Most home P.C’s use a 3mm plug input, so you will need a connecting adapter that will plug your instrument e.g. guitar lead to your P.C. Your local music shop can help with this. [Also, you can plug your guitar straight into your P.C. via usb cable untitled

Once you have connected your guitar to your computer, and your recording program is up and running, it is now time to check to see if you can record sound onto your P.C.



First thing you want to do is press on the record button on your program. If the recording function is working properly, it should scroll from left to right across the screen and visible audio waves should appear on the first track, as you make sound into either you microphone or with your guitar.


Assuming you have been successful in creating sound on your computer and you are able to hear the audio back, then it’s time to start recording your song.

I’m using a basic setup for this post of one instrument e.g guitar and one vocal, but of course you can play as many instruments as you want in your recording as Audacity is a multi track recording program.

Next week, I will show how I record my first track











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