“Metal Thunder” by Mould

Hi Folks, It’s D-Structor from “Mould”. Rockit and I have rounded off the edges to our latest song “Metal Thunder“. Have a listen, make a comment and help us to grow our Band.

We still have a few more songs to record before we finish our DELPR [Digital, Electronic long play recording], so support and kind words from our listeners won’t go astray, and for the game,  a purchasable download of our music would be great. [We’re “Mould” still trying to make our first dollar]. so show your support.

As each song becomes complete, the recording processes and methods being used are  enhancing the outcomes of each song. This has been an exciting time for me personally as I’ve spent a large portion of my music life doing home recordings, and learning new ideas keeps things fresh and exciting.

As usual I do my best to video record all our recording sessions to be uploaded at a later date to the internet in our [How to] sections of our utube page for the folks who are interested in learning some ideas, to get yourself started in home recordings.

Have a great day.



Hi folks, my name is Darryl. By day I work as a cleaner/labourer, Currently recording a home produced LP with a friend. I have become a self taught multi instrumentalist, singer songwriter over a 25 year period. It didn't happen over night, but it did happen.

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