The making of “Mould” the band

This is a little bit of back ground of the band I am currently in.

We have at this stage 2 members myself and Tommy Rockit”

Rockit has been playing guitar for a number of years, but never got much further with his playing than learning the basic chords, which today, is now a blessing, [which, I’ll explain later]

I have been song-writing, playing guitar and other instruments for over 25 years.

After finishing my solo E.P. “Ready for Jammin”, I was enjoying some downtime for myself. I did at that did have some projects I was organising with other people, but now, iv had to put two of those projects on the back burner for now, for various reasons.

The last six months, I was now heading to Rockit’s place on a more regular basis for our more regular jams, but they were very low key affairs with no expectation from them. I was trying to play the drums [very badly] and Rockit was still playing the couple of original songs he has spent the last few years playing without much progress, but that didn’t matter to us, at all, as we where both very average at our respective instruments and we had no expectations of developing ourselves musically at that stage.

It wasn’t until our first song that we started 12 years ago got a play on our Brisbane’s community station 4zzz, that Rockit became excited at playing the guitar. He then bought an electric guitar and amp, and from there we worked out his first couple of songs, so that they had a start, a middle and an end. He continued to bring more songs to the table for me to clean up, arrange or re-arrange. There was a period where I had to rework some of his songs to correct his timing r/e to chord changes, so that I could play along with him, but once he bought a drum machine, and I taught him the basics of timing with a 4/4 count, it then enabled us to play the same song together. He now confidently can work out a new song and I can play along with him straight away.

This brings me to where I feel his playing ability has been a blessing for our band. In our early stages , just after Rockit bought his electric guitar and amp and was putting new songs to the table on a more regular basis, I decided at that time, not to bring any of my material that I was coming up with, to our band, as some of my songs can have complex rhythm patterns in them, and it only served to make life difficult and frustrating for Rockit to learn.

Using only the songs that Rockit comes up with, means he can play them straight away, I can also play along with them as well, without getting myself bogged down in complex chord structures and rhythm patterns as I have done with my own material.

We have now reached a point, where we have finished the lyrics to one song completely, played and sung it in it’s entirety with two guitars. Here is a snippet of it.

I have also uploaded to YouTube pt 1 of a 3 pt video, @ 6 mins per video, watching the making of the lyric writing process to our song “Jamming at the weekend“. [I will add the other two videos over the next couple of weeks,as I have to go to the public library on a Saturday to upload the video’s] I only filmed the writing of the first verse and chorus and the beginning of the 2nd verse as my camera ran out of juice.

I wanted to film this process and capture the moments, of how we started this song and what we did to overcome writers block, and how to include Rockit into the writing process for him to make his contribution to the lyrics, which he did successfully, and are using in the song.

I had confirmation the other day that my friend Donna wants to jam with us on the drums soon, so we’re confident that she will add a great new dimension to our group.

Cheers,  D-Structor out.

Hi folks, my name is Darryl. By day I work as a cleaner/labourer, Currently recording a home produced LP with a friend. I have become a self taught multi instrumentalist, singer songwriter over a 25 year period. It didn't happen over night, but it did happen.

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