Release date for E.P.

I’ve decided that September 7th will be the release date for my E.P. or more like when I upload it to Bandcamp.


Reason for that date is, it’s my birthday and it will be my 45th, so I thought that would make this accomplishment for myself a bit more memorable.


Last week I finished everything on the E.P. except finalising the cover art, which was finding a photo of my girlfriend Estrel to put on the cover and writing her name on the cover as well, as she sang on three of the songs and co-wrote one of them.


I thought it was a good idea to have Estrel listen to the final mix of my/our work, as there were two songs she hadn’t heard before.


On first listen to the song “I”, she felt something was missing, “Her vocals”, which was great to hear as I wanted her to sing on this song anyway, but time and opportunity had been against us and I wasn’t confident she would like the song as it was different compared to other songs we have done in the past.


With only Three weeks remaining before I completely finish with this project, we now have to get stuck into sorting out her vocal parts for the song. We’ve made a good start to it over the past couple of days and I feel confident she will take the vocal section of this song to another level with what she has to offer.


Though we are both not great singers, and singing being my weakest area, Estrels vocals will add that something extra on top of what I have to offer, which is going to be a bonus.


I look forward to wrapping up this project and having a rest before moving on to my next adventure. I will also continue to improve upon my website “”. I have more basic guitar lessons for beginners I want to upload there, strategies and ideas to help people with their songwriting in general.


I also want to add more ideas to recording as cheaply as possible in this budget tight world we live in, but at the same time have the highest possible quality sound and music that can be made, and most importantly, interaction from other songwriters for their tips and ideas for new and established songwriters who may be struggling with their art for what ever the reason.


To finish off, this is a link to my last song for the “Ready for Jammin” E.P. titled “There’s not muchroom in here anymore



theres not muchroom in here anymore

Hi folks, my name is Darryl. By day I work as a cleaner/labourer, Currently recording a home produced LP with a friend. I have become a self taught multi instrumentalist, singer songwriter over a 25 year period. It didn't happen over night, but it did happen.

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